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Does it matter how fit your CrossFit coach is?

Whether a CrossFit coach needs to look physically fit or not is a great question; one which elicits a lot of talking points and a broad mix of opinions. The straightforward answer? If someone knows what they’re doing, their outer appearance shouldn’t matter, right?  But let’s also be honest with ourselves; first impressions are everything

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Weekly favourites

 11 things non-CF girls should know ( 2. The best way to start 2016: With 1 percent improvements. Trust me, they go a long way ( 3. Meal prep mastered. ( 4. Creatine for women. Not as scary as you think. ( 5. Turmeric paste? (

hen do’s? try The Zen Hen, a healthy take on the do

The Zen Hen. For starters, I can only say that this is the perfect go between for a bride-to-be who wants to let loose but would still like to remember a cherished once-in-a-lifetime weekend with friends. There is always option two: Think back to that memorable 2009 hit movie The Hangover; a gang of friends getting

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