Weekly Favourites

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Maybe not all based on nutrition and fitness, but I like to think of some of these articles and links as nutrition for the mind and soul.

1. For all those literature buffs out there (buzzfeed.com)

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.15.50
image from buzzfeed.com

2. So true for today’s fast paced world: staying present in your relationship (thechalkboardmag.com)

image from thechalkboardmag.com
image from thechalkboardmag.com

3. Myths of high protein diets; we can agree to disagree on this one (nytimes.com)

4. 10 YouTube channels to nerd out on (careergirldaily.com)

5. What to do when you’re having an off day (thesundaychapter.com)

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