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Listening to the experts at Buff Box: Part I

It’s common knowledge. We tend to like when things are straightforward and simple. And while I like a challenge as much as the next person, there are times when being told what to do is the better option, especially when the person telling us what to do is an expert in their field.

Weekly Favourites

My favourite articles that I’ve come across this week. 1. A great 30 day minimalist challenge. (into-mind.com) 2. Sometimes you need to let the people you love go. (earthweareone.com) 3. STOP doing these things in 2015. (elitedaily.com) 4. Don’t take it personally. (collective-evolution.com) 5. Running… drunk? (outsideonline.com) 6. One family doesn’t eat sugar for an entire year. (everydayhealth.com)  


NY 2015 Setbacks When discussing my 2015 visions and goals in a past entry,  I didn’t really think of the setbacks I’d be coming face-to-face with, but I am tackling my current one head-on. On December 29th I decided to go ahead with a surgery that I had been contemplating for years. And, while I waited until the 11th hour

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