Get ready, ClassPass is coming to London

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One thing I have learned about living in London is that there are endless possibilities, which is why fitness and nutrition has become such an integral part of my life. And if you are like me, constantly looking for a new way to sweat and push yourself, chances are, ClassPass is going to be perfect for you.

Started in 2013 by MIT graduate Payal Kadakia, ClassPass is gaining ground, not to mention hefty investments, over $40 million in fact, and for good reason.

The concept, which has significantly evolved since its inception, is a pretty straightforward one. With a monthly membership, you can try out over 150 London fitness studios, ranging from spinning, bootcamp, barre, pliates, yoga and so much more. Many class, such as Pyscle and Barry’s Bootcamp, are already well known on the London fitness scene, but there are plenty of hidden gems ready to be discovered as well. Found currently in over 20 US cities, ClassPass is all about giving you options.

Instead of paying £15-£25 for a single class, you will be paying one monthly fee of £89 a month. And, for a a limited-time CP is offering a promotion for a handful of London users, at £79.

To good to be true? Nope. The only limitation is that you can only take up to three classes in each studio per month. But, with over 150 studios to choose from, you will never be stuck for choice. And, as soon as the next month rolls around, you can get right back to your favourite studios. But London is all about variety and you will undoubtedly find multiple gyms to call home to keep you coming back for more.

Starting later this month, my goal will to be to give as many studios a try as I can, so stay tuned for updates on all of my experiences giving Classpass a go.

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