Weekly Favourites

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Besides starting the NY with a delicious breakfast and time spent with family, I also wanted to start sharing a weekly round-up of links I find insightful. Happy reading!1. So why does exercise make us so damn happy? (fastcompany.com)

2. Because I still feel like I have no idea on this one: How to contour your face like a pro. (getthegloss.com)

3. This article has a lot of truth to it. Don’t focus on getting ‘toned’ and, instead, get focused on lifting weights to burn fat and create a leaner and meaner body. (jasonferruggia.com)

4. Life is all about balance. (stylist.com)

5. At 26 and still dealing with acne, it’s important to remember the simple facts of how to properly wash your face. (womenshealthmag.com)

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