Here’s to the New Years

Cheers 2014!
Cheers 2014!

My first run of 2014: January 1st, Leysin, Switzerland
My last run of 2014: Vero Beach, Florida
My last run of 2014: Vero Beach, Florida

This past year my boyfriend and I moved from Switzerland to London to follow our dreams and we couldn’t be happier with the life we have carved out for ourselves so far in this amazing city.

Just two months ago I left my job to start my newest adventure with lululemon UK and I am so thrilled to be part of the Kings Road store opening this January. And thanks to lululemon stressing the importance of having strong visions and goals to set you up for the future, I am already so excited for 2015, with the current events already in the books:


1. Semi Marathon de Paris in March

2. London Hackney Half-Marathon in May

3. One of my closest friend’s weddings in Florida in May

4. Continuing to write in my blog at least twice weekly to learn more about fitness/nutrition and improve my writing

5. Read, read, read. My current list of books to be posted on shortly.

In the making…

1. To choose a weekend yoga retreat before July 2015


2. Complete a 30 day clean eating challenge before May 2015

3. Sign up for either a Nutrition/Publishing course before January 20th, 2015

4. Research ballroom dancing and art courses in London and have decided on one to take by January 31st, 2015.

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