The new Buff Box menu is out!

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And it’s freaking delicious.

Every six weeks, Buff Box and its team of nutritionists revamp its specially designed menu. And this isn’t done just to keep your taste buds happy. Besides tasting great, each meal is seasonally designed so that you receive the freshest ingredients available. Because Buff Box doesn’t only cater to your macro-nutrient requirements, they want to feed you the most ethically sourced and nutrient dense foods available.

With each meal you’re getting the highest sources of nutrients and anti-oxidants available, all with foods that are completely traceable and chemical free. Think care-free and healthy chickens that are running free through the Somerset Levels and vegetables grown seasonally by local farmers in Bishops Sutton.

The latest menu has 16 new dishes, including the Samantha Brigg’s Briggs Breakfast, inspired by her love of peanut butter. Other dishes include Chicken Tagine, Peri Peri Cod, Beef Barley and Sweet and Sour Tofu.

While the main staples of meats, fish and vegetables remain on the menu, the nutritionist at Buff Box decided to take a closer look at carbohydrate sources; A nutrient which is often overlooked, and even feared, when it comes to comes to meal plans.


And while complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and yellow rice remain on the menu, they decided to up the carb-ante with meals that include barley, quinoa and bulgur wheat.

Whether you’re an athlete training five times or day or you’re working a 9-5 job and heading to the gym whenever time allows, beating mid-afternoon slumps and maintaining your energy throughout the day is vital. And coffee shouldn’t be the immediate answer for those afternoon slumps. Instead, we need to make sure we are regularly eating nutritious foods. And turns out, eating complex carbs like bulgar wheat with each of our meals is what can dramatically increase energy.


According to the USDA, bulgur wheat is a very slow-digesting complex carb that is high in both fibre and protein. No matter your goals, it’s the perfect addition to any meal, because it’s filling and a great nutrient source.

Bulgur’s mineral content is a long and winding list as well and includes potassium, zinc, iron and niacin.

What are the benefits of these nutrients?

 1. Potassium: Promotes heart function, strengthens the bones and assists with the
contraction of our muscles. One cup bulgur contains 124 milligrams potassium.

2. Iron: While mainly found in meats, bulgur is a great source of iron, making it a
staple food for vegetarians.

3. Zinc: An immunity boosting mineral, zinc assists with protein synthesis. One cup
of bulgur contains over 1 milligram of zinc.

4. Niacin: A B3 vitamin that assists in breaking down protein and fat for energy. One
cup of bulgar contains over a milligram of niacin.

What are some direct benefits to your body when you eat bulgur wheat?

1. Anti-inflammatory effects: Bulgur protects agains a plethora of diseases including
diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Reduces risk of Type-2 Diabetes: Bulgur is a great insulin stabiliser as it contains
large amounts of magnesium, assisting over 300 enzymes involved in the body’s
use of glucose and insulin.

3. Reduces metabolic syndrome: Unlike white rice and other simple carbs, Bulgur is
a complex carbohydrate which keeps you feeling full for longer. It also reduces the
risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides level.

4. Clears the digestive tract: High in fibre, bulgur flushes waste and toxins from the

It’s safe to say, their nutritionists have designed yet another stellar menu.


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