The 2016 CrossFit Meridian Regionals: Day 1 with Buff Box

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From five-time regional athlete Jordan Wallace to first timers such as South African hopeful Alan Foulis, Buff Box was right at the heart of the 2016 Meridian regionals ensuring athletes were fuelled and ready.

The energy on Friday morning was contagious with the likes of Team Yas, Team Nordic Opex and CrosssFit Reykjavik stopping by the booth to pick up their 1st day of meals while waiting for their heats to begin. You wouldn’t know these athletes were about to begin their first round of the regionals weekend as they were all completely cool, calm and collected.

While most of the people who came to pick up food were coaches and athletes, including the talented and stunning Megan Lovegrove, it was also great to see a few spectators pick up food for the weekend.

So what was day 1 with the BuffBox Athletes like?
The snatch ladder was a strong start to the weekend and the sheer intensity of Nate kept everyone watching until the very last second.

One of the best moments came during Heat 5 of the women’s Snatch Ladder when the likes of Sara Sigmunsdottir and Sam Briggs entered the stadium. It was as if you had just stepped into a coliseum with the world’s strongest and most fierce female warriors. In the first event, Annie Thorisdottir came in close second just behind Sara.

Seven of the top 11 female athletes of Day 1 were staying fuelled with Buff Box including currently ranked number 2 Annie Thorisdottir, 3rd ranked Thuridur Erla Helgadottir, 4th Emma McQuaid, 7th Laura Hughes, 10th Megan Lovegrove and 11th Sam Briggs.

On the men’s leaderboard 4 of the top ten were also eating Buff Box including Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, Lukas Holberg, Jonne Kosski and Frederik Aegidius.

Currently in the number 14th spot, Steve Fawcett re-awakened an old injury during the kettle bell swings portion of Nate. He was a top contender to head back to the Games this year and it was a shame to see an old injury take that away.

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