La Tabla restaurant review

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My home away from home, Vero Beach Florida, was the perfect destination during the holidays to get away from the hustle of London life.

There was plenty of sunshine to get your fill on, but there was one thing missing..the healthy eats found back in London town’s every corner.From swanky organic eateries to juice cafés, you can easily eat out from breakfast until dinner and still feel like you haven’t strayed from healthy options. This is quite a different story back in Florida, where the food is heavy and the portions are gut-bustingly huge.

But neatly tucked away in Vero’s Royal Palm point is La Tabla, a small but nutritiously mighty café.

With minimalistic and industrial designs, La Tabla offers a laid back atmosphere that focuses on friendly service and quality food, important ingredients lacking in a lot of today’s restaurants.

Needles to say, everything on the menu was delicious. With lattes, acai bowls, smoothies, juices and plenty of sandwiches (with a range of bread choices) to choose from, there is a strong focus on quality ingredients that come together in a simple yet delectable way.

And, did I mention that they make their own organic, house-made banana ice cream? Just incase you want to curb your sweet tooth more naturally.


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