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This past weekend I met up with personal trainer and fitness blogger Elle Linton from KeepitSimpElle.com. Elle’s positive energy was infectious and it was inspiring to hear her health journey and meet someone who so openly shared advice with a novice blogger like myself.

With quite an impressive list of fitness qualifications and a very busy schedule, Elle still knows how to have a good time. You might catch her on a Friday night testing out new fitness crazes such as clubbercise– But only after an afternoon 10k to prep for a half and a quick swim lesson to train for her first triathlon. Crazy? Nah, just awesome. Read on to find out just how cool this health chick really is and be sure to check out her blog as well.

Photo from Keep it SimpElle

1. What inspired you to get started with Keep it SimpElle?
I was never much of a talker and found it easy to write. It was a good way to share what’d I’d been up to as well as a reference for me to remember all the awesome things I have done.

2. Favourite place to break a sweat in London?
Currently loving Psycle. They have spin classes with a great vibe. Every teacher there is unique too and offers a different experience. For me, spin is so much about the music too and I love their tunes.

3. Favourite country you’ve been to?
USA -I like to shop! When the exchange rate is good…It’s AMAZING!

4. Favourite fruit/vegetable?
Pineapple. Oh or mango. I can’t decide. As for vegetables, I’m still learning more and more about them. As a child I only really ate sweetcorn so I have come a long way.

5. Coffee or tea? How do you like it?
Coffee. Black or with unsweetened almond milk. No sugar. Cold brewed is awesome too!

6. Favourite health eatery in London?
I like Timberyard in Covent Garden. It’s pretty healthy with some indulgent options. Balance is important

7. Favourite cheat-meal in London?
Five Guys. Fast Food. Burgers. All the topping you could desire. Huge helping of fries.

8. Who inspires you most and why?
The people that I train. The people that come to my classes, run with me, who put in everything to change and better themselves. The one’s who work hard and take on the challenges I set them. They inspire me each and every day!

9.Typical day in the life of Elle?
Wake up and cook breakfast. I like a big breakfast. Maybe also cook / prepare my lunch. In a typical day I either have a run, spin, class to teach or swim session planned so I pack my bag for that! I’ll cycle commute too so that extra activity on top. Lunch is home cooked and healthy…enough to keep me going till dinner time. Once I’m home for the evening I love to catch up on the soaps while catching up on the social media world and blogging. I then aim to be in bed by 10:30pm. That never happens.

10. Typical food in the life of Elle?
Breakfast – eggs, meat, avocado, smoothie
Lunch – jacket potato with tuna, avocado mayonnaise (home made)
Dinner – sweet potato, broccoli, meat (chicken / pork)

11. What do you do when you are just have an off-day (mental or physical)?
Take it. I’ll do nothing if that’s what I feel like and reschedule whatever it is I have planned. It’s important to have rest days and listen to your body. A good nights sleep and I’m usually back on form the following day. We all have off days every now and again.

12. Best health advice you’ve been given?
How you feel, look, act, are…it’s in the food that you eat.

13. You told me you used to think a sandwich, crisps and chocolate for lunch was a perfectly normal meal to have. When you began to change your lifestyle and way of viewing food, what was your biggest struggle?
I think once I understood the reasons behind the changes I needed to make they were easier to implement. The hardest thing has been finding the time to cook and the difference in costs between eating junk and eating good quality, healthy food! It’s not cheap to eat good!

14. What inspired you to learn how to swim AND complete a triathalon in 2015 back to back?
The triathlon offer came first so once I took that up, learning to swim was a given! I’d always planned on learning to swim. Doing a triathlon put a by when on that goal. It meant I couldn’t put it off any longer.

15. So, after your tri, what’s next in the pipeline for Elle?
No idea to be honest! I figure by the time I get a little closer to the triathlon other challenges will have presented themselves! Right now, the final 6 months of 2015 are pretty clear in my diary but I am sure that will change soon!

16. Your list of qualifications and certifications are impressive, what do you recommend for those just getting their feet wet in the fitness and health industry?
To speak to people already in the industry. Get perspective on what its like to be on the other side. It might seem like fun from the other side, but do you know what working in the industry fully entails?!

17. 3 words that describe Elle best…
Energetic, Positive and Dynamic (as told by VeloVixen)

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