Rowing WOD: seminars and training with Olypmian rower Cam Nichols

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The other week I joined in on an 101 Rowing WOD seminar with Men’s Eight Double World Silver Medallist and former Team GB Olympic rower Cam Nichol.

And whether you’ve never strapped into a rower before, or you’ve had some experience and are looking to take your rowing to the next level, I would highly recommend this seminar.

Thanks to CrossFit Perpetua, my own rowing has progressed immensely. In fact, I used to ABSOLUTELY HATE the rower, but as my fitness increased, the row machine and I have slowly but surely established quite a strong bond. But, nonetheless, I was keen to see what further training could really do for my technique and times.

I met with Cam on a Sunday morning at Clapham’s In2CrossFit gym along with a handful of other people.

From the get-go, it was petty clear Cam is onto something. He isn’t just a great rower, he is a great teacher, and he managed to keep even me engaged for an entire two hours with his witty banter along with a vast knowledge of rowing.

Learning your drag resistance, rowing without the foot straps on and even rowing while out of your seat are all methods to improve your rowing that you’ll wish you had discovered sooner.

A full-time doctor, Cam somehow manages to teach his weekend seminars throughout England. And, while he is probably a fantastic doctor, I certainly hope he plans to take Rowing WOD to a full-time level.

I did have one recommendation however.  A few times during the seminar Cam mentioned the benefit of playing the waltz in your head while taking on the endurance rows. Why? Well, if you want to create powerful and measured strokes they need to flow with a consistent rhythm and what could be better than the triple meter of a waltz? After Cam mentioned this, I automatically found myself tuning my brain to Strauss’ The Blue Danube, wishing that we could have listened to a bit of classical while giving an endurance row a go.

Lack of classical music aside, I still give Rowing Wod a 10 out of 10.

Thanks Cam!

Looking forward to more seminars in the near future.

For those that are intermediate to advanced rowers- I highly recommend Rowing WOD’s elite seminars as well.

Check out Rowing WOD’s website here.








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