Vincent Noinville, Managing Director, Financial Services, London

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“While I was certainly no stranger to working out in the gym, starting CrossFit last year made clear that I had some serious gaps in some of the key gymnastics and weightlifting movements: no idea how to kip for pull-ups, do kipping handstand push-ups, how to clean, snatch etc. I thus decided to hire Vic as my PT and I certainly do not regret it. With only one session a week, working on form and through progressions, I was able to make great progress on these movements in a matter of a couple of months. I also landed my first ring muscle-up (pretty proud of this one even if it was definitely ugly to watch on video). Vic’s approach to coaching was a great motivation, with just the right balance of focus on form, constructive criticism and clues, encouragement and cheering, and always a fun MetCon to finish the session with good sweat. All-in-all a friendly, relaxed but hard-working atmosphere. It’s a shame that our sessions have been interrupted by the UK lockdowns and she’s decided to move to new pastures. I will miss our sessions and highly recommend her if you are looking for a personal trainer.”