Author: Victoria Engelmann

Paris Half-Marathon Part 1: the emotional side

This weekend I took part in my first ever half-marathon in Paris in honour of my big brother. And I didn’t realise just how emotional running in for someone close to your heart would really be. It only really hit me a week before the run and it started to scare me a little. After seeing

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On the radar: health and fitness blogger Keep it SimpElle

This past weekend I met up with personal trainer and fitness blogger Elle Linton from Elle’s positive energy was infectious and it was inspiring to hear her health journey and meet someone who so openly shared advice with a novice blogger like myself.

Weekly Favourites

My favourite articles that I’ve come across this week. 1. A great 30 day minimalist challenge. ( 2. Sometimes you need to let the people you love go. ( 3. STOP doing these things in 2015. ( 4. Don’t take it personally. ( 5. Running… drunk? ( 6. One family doesn’t eat sugar for an entire year. (