The CrossFit Open 21.1: workout and strategy


And just like that the 2021 CrossFit Open has begun. 

And the first workout as predicted is a very accessible one, but a very intensive one nonetheless. 

So, lets get to strategizing.

You’ve got an ascending ladder of wall walks and double-unders to contend with for this one. So that means a whole lot of shoulders.

And, if you’ve done ascending ladders before, you’ll know the real work doesn’t start until after the first few rounds, so it’s vital to play it smart from the start.

Wall Walks

Remember all those wall walks where you would opt to slink and slide back to the floor once you got your noes and toes to the wall? Well there isn’t any room for that in 21.1 because the rules state you must keep your feet on the wall while you return your hands to the first white line. Here isn’t where we get sloppy people.

As Nicole Carrol, CrossFit GM of Education and Training says, “this standard punishes sloppiness.” So, keep that tension like your coaches always remind you to and remember to remain active through the shoulders, keep the arms locked out and for your body to stay in a hollow position. No sagging through the mid-line and don’t forget my favorite quote ever; “when the arms bend the power ends.”

The rules when you begin each wall walk; you must start with your chest and hips on the floor and hands on the first white line. You then must ensure both feet are on the wall before you begin moving your hands towards the wall and second white line. Once you’ve reached the top half of the wall walk you must keep both feet on the wall until both hands return to the first white line.

Ugh, so many rules right? Well, in CrossFit, the rules aren’t made to be broken but you can use aspects of the rule book to your advantage.

When you start a new rep, you can deload the push up by coming to your knees before a full plank position.

If you watched this morning’s Open announcement when Kristi Eramo 0’Connel went against Kari Pearce, you’ll notice that every time Kristi begins a new rep, she comes onto her knees before moving into a full plank position. This is a great way to pace yourself while putting less load through your shoulders for a fraction longer. Just remember, this workout involves lying on the floor. I forbid you to get too bloody comfortable because those extra seconds add up quickly! Breathe, count down from 3 if that’s a good pace for you, then start your next rep. It’s not a time to think “just one more second.” Stick to your plan and get started on the next rep. 

Lastly, we all hate getting “no repped.” Commit to the movement standards during your warm up so, when fatigue hits, your muscle memory doesn’t go along with it.

Double Unders

My initial thoughts for double unders was to have a rep range game plan for each set. But your shoulders will be fried regardless, so get as many done as possible and then go again. Just keep chipping away. And, whether you’re doing doubles or singles, remember the basic tenants of skipping; breathe, stay relaxed while keeping full body tension (I know, an oxymoron unto itself). And, if you end of breaking unintentionally, do not get frustrated. Just reset and get back to it. 

Good luck everyone!

Check below to read my past articles on the CrossFit Open and be sure to pop and comments or questions below! @thecrossvicedit 

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