The 2023 Crossfit Open: is it for beginners?

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Each year, CrossFit fledglings around the globe perk up their ears when they hear more seasoned CrossFitters chatting about the elusive CrossFit Open.

And as these new these new recruits begin to form a picture of what the Open might entail, their imaginations gets the best of them; forming an emotional cluster*ck of excitement, anxiety and trepidation. And many, (lets be honest, probably you too) have tried to talk yourself out of it.

“I’m brand new to CrossFit, I’m so not ready for a challenge like this.” 

“I don’t want to compete with other people or feel like I’ll be watched and judged.”

“What the hell is a 17.3, 20.4, 13.3?!” Hint: this year we will have 23.1, 23.2, 23.3.

How do I know this? Cue the masses of seasoned Crossfitters, coaches and affiliate gym-owners who have all had to start with our own CrossFit Open “firsts,” usually riddled with uncertainty and angst.

But, if you are a functioning human, then you most definitely should sign up for the 2022 Crossfit Open.

None of this will change the fact that the Crossfit Open is tough. But, isn’t anything worth doing?

The best advice to fight those nerves and realise your own potential is to simply show up and represent yourself; working at your own capabilities in the here and now, and cheering on your fellow humans going through the same three hellish (but fun, I swear!) workouts.

You’ve probably heard this already, but try to look at each CrossFit Open workout as just another w.o.d. Go forth, conquer and do your best while learning through the process. Your coaches and fellow CrossFitters will guide you every step of the way. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Moreover, if you’re new to CrossFit and a lot of the “RX” movements are still not in your stockpile (yet), then I would definitely suggest choosing either the scaled, foundations or equipment free divisions. This will ensure you get a good workout in while allowing yourself to compete with those of similar abilities. Because yes, there are thousands of people all over the world that have just started CrossFit and are in for the same ride. They too, are brave enough to post their scores online. But remember, those scores are for you. To see how you improve as the years go on.

If you still are unsure about what the Open is, here’s a quick overview:

  1. What is the CrossFit Open?
    While the CrossFit Open has greatly evolved and adapted through its 13 years, this three-week competition is the beginning of the CrossFit season and allows every CrossFitter throughout the world to take part. From this Thursday, February 16th until March 2nd, a new workout is released and athletes have until Monday 5pm PT to complete the workout and submit their scores. What’s more, it has become even more inclusive this year. Not only is there an RX and scaled division, this year CrossFit offers more divisions; Foundations, Equipment-Free and eight Adaptive divisions.
  2. How do you sign up?
    Simples! Sign up on the CrossFit Open website. And don’t forget to download the Open App. It will make submitting your scores before each Monday deadline much easier.
  3. Where can I watch each week’s announcement?
    Tune in online when the workout is released each Thursday, February 16th 12PM PT.
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You can watch the announcement using any of the below links:
CrossFit Facebook
CrossFit Youtube

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