Tried, tasted and loved: Smith Street Paleo, a Dubai Based Meal Prep Company Reviewed

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It’s pretty simple, over the years I have tried my fair share of meal prep companies and Smith Street Paleo is one of the best I have come across.

Images by Smith Street Paleo

My nearest and dearest know that I don’t love cooking, but I certainly appreciate good food. So, the occasional bout with meal prep companies has been worth a shot from time to time. But, to be frank, the price tag that comes along with most of them, and the fact I could make more cost effective and tasty meals at home, makes cooking at home a no brainer for me. 

But whilst in Dubai I came across Smith Street Paleo. 

Total. Game Changer. 

But First, Paleo? 

I won’t go into much depth here, but lean meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables, and healthy fats are all staples of the Paleo diet.

Consider yourself a Paleo enthusiast? Terrific, Smith Street is definitely for you but don’t get hung up on the word Paleo because Smith Street offers plenty of meal options that can be adjusted to your macronutrient preferences. 

For those who consume lots of complex carbs, rest assured you can get those in. Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, parsnips, carrots, cauliflower rice, oats and beans are all on the menu and I’ve used the system to reach my ideal macro count, which includes plenty of carbs. However, you won’t come across rice on the SSP menu. After all, it’s still a sans-grain company, but the rich variety of choices makes you almost forget that rice and bread exist (almost). Plus, rice can always be outsourced to your own homemade meals and there’s also Smith Street Multi-Seed Bread Mix available if you really need that starchy fix.

Check out the photos below for some of the meals on the Smith Street Paleo’s menu along with their macronutrient breakdowns.

Secondly, Choice

What I love about Smith Street is you can be a complete creature of habit, ordering the same meals each week, or alway opt to try something new. It’s a great system because you decide what you order each week. You always know what you’ll be tucking into. But, if you decide it’s time to change things up, they have over 40 breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as 15 snack options that are constantly diversified throughout the year.

*Images by Smith Street Paleo

Thirdly, Quality Nutrition

Holly Smith, Smith Street’s owner, is a passionate cook and foodie who created something special out of a need. Seeing the failures of the food industry, and how it exploited people’s notions of health and proper nutrition, Holly took action. Quite simply, she is spreading the message through each of her meals; through proper nutrition people can better their health and create a reduction in physical ailments and an upward trajectory for all things positive (think better sleep, energy, focus,-the list goes on).

Long story short, Holly began researching and testing all her recipes to perfection and, if you’ve ever met Holly, you’ll know she never does anything half best. With that, Smith Street Paleo was born.

Images by Smith Street Paleo and Inner Fight

Fourthly, Customer Service

Your meals are delivered four times per week and if you have any questions or queries, the Smith Street gang will always make sure you are well fed and happy with your orders. 

Lastly, TASTE

Yum, yum yum is all I’ve got to say about that. Too often people assume that great taste isn’t synonymous with equally great nutrition, health and wellness. But the best nutrition serves for the most satisfying kind of eating, both for your taste buds as well as your physical and mental health. You might think a staple meal of chicken and sweet potatoes would be bland and boring, but each meal comes cooked with the perfect blend of seasonings and spices.

My Favourite Meals?

Banana pancakes, cajun chicken with potatoes and green beans, dukkah crusted salmon with parsnip mash, beef fillet with spinach and sweet potato and so many more. 

My Favourite Snack?

If I had to choose just one it would be the chocolate protein truffles! Take half and spread it onto a rice cake, you can thank me later. 

Chocolate Protein Truffles. *Image by Smith Street Paleo

So, to break it down, my top reasons for Smith Street Paleo include:

1. A diverse range of meal choices that are all delicious.
2. Meals that range in macro breakdowns that can be suited to your goals.
3. Great customer service.
4. Did I mention it’s both delicious and nutritious?

If you’d like to learn more about Smith Street Paleo, check out their Instagram page or website. Be sure to sign-up to Hollie’s newsletter as well; full of weekly nutrition tips, tricks and recipes with plenty of Aussie witticisms sprinkled in.

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