The 2016 CrossFit Open: the first stop on the road to the Games

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Samantha-Briggs-1Number one Jamie Greene, a woman who has taken this year’s CrossFit Open by storm, and number two Sam Briggs, a tried and true CrossFit contender who won the 2013 CrossFit Games are both following meal plans created by Matt Hodges and his co-founded company Buff Box.

And there is no other performance nutrition company that can boast being the brains behind the top two female’s nutrition plans during the 2016 CrossFit Open, or any Open to date for that matter.

It’s a given that these two women are completely committed to their training, but when it comes to being the world’s fittest, they still need to uncover what will provide that extra edge.


Sam Briggs said it best when we spoke in Manchester last week, “At our level it’s all about finding those one percent gains,” and both Briggs and Greene have found those gains through Buff Box.

Training hours on end is a major facet to both women’s success, but their secret weapon for squeezing out those seemingly unattainable “micro” gains comes down to their nutrition.

And their track records since working with Buff Box and Matt speak for themselves:

Three years ago, after winning the 2013 CrossFit Games, Briggs was considering retirement. It’s now 2016 and, at 34 years young, it turns out Sam’s engine is far from empty. She once again has proved herself, finishing just shy of first place in the Open.

Number one Jamie Greene is a new force to be reckoned with. Focusing on her strength over the last year, Greene found her cleans plateauing at 88kg. After just three weeks with Buff Box and changing nothing but her diet, Jamie increased her clean weight to 92kg. The numbers only sky rocket from there. By January of this year, Greene started cleaning 104kg. That sort of jump in strength is unprecedented, but anyone who has worked with Matt wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s pretty obvious, eating right has allowed Briggs and Greene to uncover those small but vital gains which will continue to divide them from the rest.

What’s more, the results Buff Box is producing are not just for the elite athletes of the world. Imagine what a complete diet overhaul can do for the everyday person.

Think dramatic increases in muscular strength and endurance, unnecessary weight being lost and improved energy and sleep. These are the sorts of results people report when they transition to Buff Box.

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