Fresh Fitness Food: meal-delivery that’s customised, nutritious and tasty

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Customised nutrition, great taste and convenience is what Jared Williams, the owner of Fresh Fitness Food, prides his four years young company on most.

And within the Fresh Fitness Food offices, you’ll see tupperware containers strewn across desks as their nutritionists, marketing gurus and sales team type away at their desks or dash off to the kitchen to taste test the chef’s latest creation.

It’s pretty obvious, the people behind Fresh Fitness Food are truly passionate about the food delivered to the 400+ London doorsteps and offices each day.

How do I know this?

After winning one of their Instagram competitions, providing me with a full week of their Paleo meal-plan, I discovered Fresh Fitness Food’s commitment to nutrition, taste and convenience first hand.

Freshly prepped each day, Fresh Fitness Food is delivered to your doorstep in the early morning before you rush out the door to the office. And while you are fast asleep, you are also sent an email with the subject line “what’s in your bag?” providing a full break-down of the day’s menu and macros.

The only decision you have to make once it’s time to chow down: do you eat right away or heat it up? Probably the easiest decision you’ll have to make all day.

Knowing that my macros were sorted for the day was one less thing I had to worry about. Whether you know which sort of meal-plan you would like or have no idea at all, the Fresh Fitness Food website allows you to see their complete range of nutritional plans that can be individually catered towards you and your goals.

Want to give it a go right now? You don’t need an account to have a play with their array of meal plans. Just head to their website and click on “orders.” From there, you can chose from Fat Loss, Lean Gains, Muscle Gain and Performance or Competition Training.

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Want to speak to Fresh Fitness Food nutritionist to further customise your program? No problem. Just ring their office or shoot them an email and they’ll be happy to provide professional guidance.

Before I started my week-long Paleo program, I would peruse their instagram and check out all their drool-worthy food options. Just thinking about the food makes me hungry. And if there is any seasoning, spice or food that you cannot stand, that’s ok as well. FFF will be sure and customise each meal so that you can savour each bite.


An example menu of their Paleo meal-plan:

Meal 1
Gammon and leek fritatta with baby leaves
Kcal 220.34 Pro 31.39 Carb 8.24 Fat 6.87
Meal 2
Thyme roast chicken with green vegetables
Kcal 293.46 Pro 57.21 Carb 9.90 Fat 2.78
Serve with lemon vinaigrette
Kcal 136.2 Pro 0 carb 0.3 fat 15
Meal 3
Peri Peri Salmon with charred lemon
Kcal 320.27 Pro 46.89 Carb 12.48 Fat 9.20
Serve with lemon vinaigrette
Kcal 136.2 Pro 0 carb 0.3 fat 15
Meal 4
Avocado and dark chocolate protein mousse
Kcal 323 Pro 23 carb 18 fat 17
Serve with nut pot
Kcal 216 Pro 4 carb 5 fat 20
Meal 5
Lean beef meatloaf with slow roast vegetables
Kcal 381.50 Pro 46.60 Carb 16.08 Fat 14.53
Serve with fresh avocado guacamole
Kcal 81.6 Pro 0.4 carb 2 fat 8
Beetroot, coconut water, cherries and yuzu juice
Kcal 40 Pro 2 carb 8 fat 0
Kcal 2148.57 Pro 211.48 Carb 80.30 Fat 108.38

After just a week of eating Fresh Fitness Food, I felt leaner and had more energy. My favourite aspect of the program was that it took all the work out of eating. No cooking and no guesswork when it came to my meal’s nutritional breakdown, allowing me to enjoy every bite, guilt-free.

My verdict?

Whether you are a professional athlete or working a 9-5 , Fresh Fitness Food is a customisable golden ticket to a healthier and happier you.

Want to see even more glorious food? Head to FFF’s instagram for plenty of drool-worthy and healthy eats.



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