Stance socks: What’s everyone on about?

men’s Nike Metcon 1, Stance Socks, lululemon Tight Stuff Tights

I started CrossFit in June of 2015 and, over the last few months, as I have found myself plummeting deeper and deeper down the CrossFit wormhole, I have begun to don some new activewear. Yeah, basically I copy all the cool kids at my CrossFit gym, hoping that one day I’ll complete 15.1 without even breaking a sweat.

So, what are all the cool CrossFit kids wearing??

Cue Stance socks.


Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 21.51.33.png

A quick background on these bad boys…

“In its six years, Stance has grown from five co-founders to 135 employees, raised $86 million in funding, and created a product bought by many but rooted in the surf-skate-snow culture of Southern California”

Now, back to my abbreviated story;

Every time I enter CrossFit Perpetua, many of my coaches and fellow box members are seen wearing these mid-calf, colourful oddities called socks.

And when I first saw them, all I could think was, “man those are weird.” But alas, dating a fellow crossfitter has its perks, and one very wintry evening, I grabbed a pair in his own Stance sock stash and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

12 quid or more per pair? What are they made of? Egyptian cotton? 200 thread count? Chinchilla fur?

I put them on and, suddenly, I had that “aha” moment.

Within a month I bought five pairs.

How many times have you ever read a sock being described like this:

“Stretch Crew cools feet down with our signature Air-Channel cushioning and strategically placed venting, which work in tandem to enhance airflow down below. A graduated compression design helps regulate circulation, while a reinforced heel and toe offer unmatched durability.”

or this…

“…this mid-rise style from our Fusion Athletic collection, spun from a special blend of sweat-wicking fibers that offer the ultimate in moisture management for a supremely dry fit and feel.”

oh, it doesn’t end..

“air-channel cushioning and an anatomical fit built specifically for both your right and left. Graduated compression gives your feet a hug, while a reinforced toe and heel offer the maximum in durability.”

While my collection probably doesn’t need to grow, I am officially hooked and cannot wait to wear their latest and greatest, funkiest socks forever more.

And these socks aren’t just for the CrossFit enthusiast. I recently went to a few barre and yoga classes, and I constantly notice eyes looming around my feet before the compliments on my socks begin.

Stance, keep doing what you’re doing.

Want to buy them?

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US stockists:
US Website

UK stockists:
Whatever it Takes
Sock Game Strong

Oh, and here’s a particularly interesting write-up about the Stance phenomena.

Scroll down to see my favourite Stance moments.

     Stance does fitness
                                                                        images by @jjessys                                                                 




Stance does Thailand






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