Unit 27: CrossFit & Total Conditioning

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“this is what heaven should be like”
Adam Goff, CrossFit competitor

On my recent fitness holiday to Phuket, Thailand’s iconic fitness street, I chose Unit 27 as the place I would spend most of my time when I wasn’t soaking up the sunshine.

image by Unit 27

And let me just say, it simply doesn’t get much better than this place. Whether you are staying for just a week or 3 months, you will leave a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Top-notch trainers, including physiotherapists and body transformation specialists, a fuel bar, and well-kept facilities, creates the perfect atmosphere to achieve your goals.

And don’t be shy! Get to class early and meet others who are on a journey of their own. From CrossFit competitors looking to hone in on their training, to regular people taking the initiative to improve their health, your peers will be a source of continual motivation.

Let’s not forget about the trainers whom keep you going from start to finish despite the intense heat and equally intense workouts. I promise you will keep coming back for more. Luke, Dale, Elyse and Trish, along with everyone else at Unit 27, have their own unique approaches to training, but at the end of each session you will find a common thread in that each trainer genuinely cares about your experience and well-being.

As a native to London, a city with a booming fitness market, I have come across so many studios and trainers that will never get to know you unless it’s through a sign-in sheet. But that wasn’t the case at Unit 27. It felt like family.

So, what about the actual classes? Those are pretty stellar too.

From strength, endurance, power and speed all the basis are covered and you will never get bored.

Read more about each class below. You’ll quickly realise that every class has been carefully constructed and will leave you racing with endorphins. Just talking about them has me itching to go back.

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CrossFit Phuket
Basic Lifting
Olympic Lifting
Ab Scene (ladies only)
Tour de Unit
Rapid Fire
The Punisher
Morning Glory
Kalorie Killa

My favourite? I tended to find myself in the 8AM Drill Sergeant/Morning Glory class, followed by a mid-morning break that involved studying for my Personal Training course, re-fueling with lots of food and of course dosing up on Vitamin D.

I then would head to the Oly-lifting and CrossFit classes in the evenings. After that? Dinner and massages or heading off on the scooter to explore the island. (See my post on my general trip and things to do here)


What Unit 27 offers:

  • Strength and conditioning classes
  • Weight loss and transformation
  • Flexibility and core
  • Personal Training
  • The only certified CrossFit gym in Phuket
  • Sauna
  • Ice baths
  • Spinning room

    Wait, theres more:

  • The new UFF (Unit Technical Fight Factory): Just up the hill from the Unit with a focus on Western boxing and their very own Kickfit classes
  • Primal Fitness Gym: A gym for with all the resistance and cardio machines you could ever need. Located just minutes from the Unit and directly across from the Muscle Bar
  • Muscle Bar cafe and restaurant: The Unit’s very own restaurant right across from their Primal Fitness Gym. Basically, where you will want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Unit 27 offers numerous packages which begins with their 12 class package for £74. That is £6 per class! Coming from London, where the standard drop-in fitness class ranges from £20-£30, the Unit’s pricing is the definition of a steal.

Adam and I with trainers Elyse and Luke. As usual, smiles all around!

In my ten days there, I never heard one negative comment. Whether it was their first day or 50th, everyone couldn’t get enough.

The sunshine, good food, community and the Unit itself provided me with a lifestyle that allowed me to get one, or even two, steps closer to my fitness goals. It was pretty easy to see why some people found themselves changing there stay from a week to a month or even 6.

We will be back, Unit 27.

burpees over the bar during Unit 27’s CrossFit class. image by Unit 27
classes such as Rapid Fire always keep your body guessing with different workout stations incorporating functional and effective movements. image by Unit 27
pre-workout mobility work. image by Unit 27
always a crowd pleaser, the”run to the UTFF building and back.” image by Unit 27
an inside peek into the new UTFF building and classes, which specialise in Western Boxing and Kickfit. image by Unit 27

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