Paris Half-Marathon Part II: the highs and lows

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After running my first marathon, I was extremely proud of my results. Especially considering that only three runs took place between January and March 8th.

Despite telling myself that I would go hard and prepare as much as possible in the month I would have left to train after the doctor gave me the go ahead, I just couldn’t get my head back into running.

So, after a 5.50 mile run last week, I told myself I would run my first half-marathon with no expectations regarding time. Instead, I would use it as a learning experience for the London Hackney Half-Marathon in May.

Below is summary of how the run played out.

The first half of the run was great, with most of my miles around the 8:00 mark, which I never accomplish while running alone. However, after about half-way through I started getting painful stomach cramps. At that point, my legs weren’t in bad shape, but my stomach was screaming bloody murder. I tried to shake the feeling, but it continued to creep back.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 20.16.33

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 20.17.34Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 22.47.59minutes for each mileIMG_8381IMG_8382IMG_8383

I didn’t want to sacrifice time but realising the pain was slowing me down, I finally ran into the nearest hotel to find a commode. Now I really feel bad for Paula Radcliffe. What. A. Champ. Unfortunately, the pit stop took about 3-4 minutes, which brought my final time up by a few.

Minor setback aside, running through Paris and seeing the famous sites along the way, the support from bystanders and bands playing, was an overwhelming and beautiful experience.

Looking back I absolutely loved every minute, except for the 4 in the hotel.

Anyways, below are some photos from the weekend. Stay tuned for my top tips on running your first half as well.

Image by Maindru Photo
Image by Maindru Photo
Image by Maindru Photo


Image by Maindru Photo
Image by Maindru Photo


a very deserved post-run meal
a well deserved post-run lunch, which I was not about to share


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