Paris Half-Marathon Part 1: the emotional side

Image by Maindru Photo
Image by Maindru Photo

This weekend I took part in my first ever half-marathon in Paris in honour of my big brother.

And I didn’t realise just how emotional running in for someone close to your heart would really be. It only really hit me a week before the run and it started to scare me a little. After seeing so many donations pour (1,030Euros!!) and all of the words of encouragement and love, I would catch my eyes brimming with tears.

I can’t thank say thank you enough for the amazing support! The Semi-Marathon de Paris was the most amazing experience and I know my big brother would be proud.

You can read my past post about deciding to race in honour of my brother here. Also, donations to the Institue Curie for cancer research can still be made on my fundraising page for the next few weeks.


My little but really big, brother, Hermann, my niece Lauren and nephew Andrew and my amazing big brother Wolfgang.

Stay tuned for part two of this post highlighting the highs and lows of my first ever half-marathon.

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