AcroYoga with lululemon

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With so many alternative types of yoga practices being discovered and created, it was only a matter of time till AcroYoga began its journey to London.

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Image by: lululemon

AcroYoga is the latest alternative yoga class that takes your practice to a whole new level, and I mean that in a quite literal sense. Last night, I saw it first hand as part of an event held by lululemon at the Bluebird Café in Chelsea, London.

In case this is your first time hearing of Acro, it is a practice of yoga that involves two to three people, including a base, spotter and flyer, who work in unison to bring together elements of acrobatics, yoga, and healing. Take a look below to get an idea of what you could be in for.


It was amazing to see people flying high and working together to stretch, move and even manage a few meditative sequences in between. While I didn’t get to participate because of recent surgery, a lot of friends got to try it out and absolutely loved it. In allowing another person into your practice, someone you must completely rely on, you make yoga not just about your own body and your mind, but your partners as well.

I am looking forward to trying a demo out in February with two of the Acroyogis I met, which I cannot wait to document as it will be my first time in Brighton as well as my first attempt at Acro. I will post more info on the event when it becomes available. Also, please excuse the poor quality photos. A better camera to come shortly!

*Views expressed are my own and not that of lululemon







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