Ways to stay in shape while on your holiday


While holidays have become a rarity since moving to London, I remember how much excitement was not only put on the places my boyfriend and I would visit, but of course the exotic and rich foods that would await us as well.While I fully support enjoying your holiday to the fullest, often times I go overboard with my food intake and end up feeling sick and not my best after the holiday euphoria ends.

To combat this I have decided to take more holidays in the New Years.

Counter-productive you might think, but not if I plan on doing things just a bit differently.

For starters my holidays will now also place more importance on fitness which is going to start with a fitness-cation in March.

So, in March, for my boyfriends birthday, we are going to take a holiday to Paris.

But even though we will be doing things like wining and dining at a Michelin Star restaurant, I am going to end the trip with a half-marathon on Sunday, March 8th which will be my first one to date.

While holidays don’t need incorporate a half-marathon to keep up your fitness goals and aspirations, there are much simpler and easier ways to stay in shape while on holiday.

Top 3 ways to stay in shape while on holiday:

1. There are no good excuses: Fact: Temptation will be everywhere so plan accordingly. Enjoy and savour all the tasty foods you plan to eat but also eat healthy and nutrient dense foods to create some balance.

2. Look to the future: While I fully support the notion of carpe diem, know that after the holidays all the rich foods might take a toll on your body. Think of how you want to feel when you get back to the real world.

3. WORKOUT: Whether walking through the city, cycling or doing a quick little HIIT session in your bedroom, hotel gym or the park just do something before you begin your wonderous day. You could even do a little research before your travels and find a nearby yoga studio etc. The options are endless.

Close friends and brotherly love
Close friends and brotherly love
That my friends is an oh so tasty bread pudding. It was split between three friends to reduce calories and the stodgy food hangover. It was a planned cheat with no regrets and was part of a meal commemorating my friend saying ‘yes to the dress’ for her wedding in May.

What do you do to ensure you don’t completely fall off the bandwagon during vacation time?

3 comments on “Ways to stay in shape while on your holiday”

  1. Ok so you’re nuts for doing a Half on your weekend away! Good luck with it though 🙂 I’ve been looking up CrossFit gyms in Vegas and LA ahead of my trip and put together a ‘hit list’ of studios I want to check out while in LA. Half research/half not wanting to slip back with the ridiculous portion sizes and not as much walking as in London. But also planning some nice hikes and trips to National Parks, etc. too.

    1. Haha this was over a year ago Liv but thank you! Trained three times and somehow managed to survive. There’s a post about it somewhere on here. You’re going to have so much fun in LA!!

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