The Lumineers at London’s Alexandra Palace

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Fact: It’s hard to get my boyfriend to listen to new music.  So, when I discovered The Lumineers in early 2012, I was thrilled that he immediately took a liking to them.  Fast Forward to Thanksgiving 2013, we found ourselves chowing down on some burgers before heading to London’s Alexandra Palace to see The Lumineers in concert.

These guys, ladies and gentleman, are the real deal.  They are a no frills band that played their hearts out until the very last encore.  I cannot stress enough just how great Wesley Schultz’s voice was live. And the great thing is, Shultz’s superb guitar playing and raw vocals didn’t rob the other band members of their rightful dues.  The Lumineers has talent in every sphere.  Signing backup and killing it on the cello, Neyla Pekarek and her enchanting smile were impossible not to notice.  And of course, there is Shultz’s bro Jeremiah Fraites, the bands drummer and instrumental whiz-kid. Together, these three create what is the soul and spirit of The Lumineers.

While the Alexandra Palace, or more affectionately known to Londoners as Ally Pally, is the perfect venue for large crowds, there is not much in terms of ambiance.  But, The Lumineers needed no help in creating a great atmosphere.  The  rustic feel to their voices and instrumentals were the perfect example of a simple yet skilled band. Their music made me feel as though I had been transported to the Colorado Mountains on a cold winter night, singing along with friends to a local band. Needless to say, I knew the concert would be a quality one, but they blew my expectations out the window with a performance that I wish I could play over and over again.  Yes, The Lumineers are even better live.  It was one hell of a quick hour and a half, which was a bummer, but it meant they kept me singing and dancing along with them for the entire set.

The Lumineers have certainly caught on to something and that something is keeping to the basics but using their talent and passion to the highest extent.  So thanks Lumineers, for doing your thing.



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